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The incident management dashboard empowers your transport operations team to collaborate, investigate, and resolve incidents in a quicker & more efficient way thereby enhancing executive control.

1. AI-based Risk Scoring

Identify, prioritize & assign scores to transport activities in an easy-to-understand format. Determine the best course of action from real-time actionable insights. Areas of risks include Employee, Financial & Reputation Risks.

2. Fast track Risk Mitigation

Enhance response time with the timely escalation of incidents and by automating SOP & SLAs that allows transport managers to respond faster to emerging situations while assisting the senior management with better decision-making.

3. Track to Resolution

Ensure incident resolution by implementing a structured process flow, right from reporting and tracking the incident to resolving it. Accessible to the team at large, a predefined resolution template goes a long way in managing incidents by recording each step that leads to resolution.

4. Mine data from past Incidents

Get actionable insights based on historical data to prevent future risks of similar kind. Enabling process mining will help the stakeholders with a data-driven and commonly shared vision to improve KPIs including SLAs and time to resolution.

Take the Lead with Routematic’s Advanced Incident Management Platform.

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