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Redefine your employee transportation with our extensive fleet services. Our 1000+ Fleet includes 200+ EVs, enabled by technology, which ensures efficient and safe employee transportation services. We prioritize predictability, reliability, and transparency in corporate fleet management.

Tech & Fleet Advantage

Tech & Fleet Advantage

Comprehensive Fleet Management:

Routematic gives you centralized control that enables you to monitor and track employee movement, safety, and vehicle efficiency.

Top-Notch Safety

Our vehicles are equipped with advanced safety functionalities like GPS tracking and panic buttons. Our technology lets you monitor women only trips and notifies you on trips that require security personnel

Smart Dispatching

Our AI-powered dispatch system predicts delays two hours in advance, so your fleet is always on schedule.

Automated Deployment

Vehicles are automatically allocated based on proximity and availability, making sure resources are used efficiently.

24 x 7 Support

Our command center is always available to provide support and manage any contingencies.

Flexible Billing

Choose from various billing models that fit your needs without any long-term commitments or range anxiety.

Guaranteed Compliance

Only compliant vehicles and drivers are assigned trips, ensuring the highest standards.

Sustainability Achievements

For 2023

Shift gears towards sustainability, one ride at a time!

Cruise into a greener tomorrow! Join Routematic in steering change for a sustainable future with EV’s and carpooling! Join us on the journey, and unitedly, let's shape a more vibrant, eco-friendly tomorrow!​

44 kilo-tonnes

of carbon reduced

250M kilometers

of shared rides

33.3M liters

of fuel saved

Routematic is driving towards a greener future with our electric cab fleet:

Expanding Electric Fleet:

We currently have over 200+ electric vehicles and are rapidly adding more in cities like Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Eco and Wallet Friendly:

Our electric cabs help reduce carbon emissions and cut down on fuel and maintenance costs

Automated Vehicle Deployment

Our technology ensures that your trip is auto deployed according to battery status, and also where to find a charging station. Skipping the “range-anxiety”, lets you travel worry free.

One employee transportation solution for all your needs​

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