Women’s Safety In Corporate Transportation

In today's corporate world, where women are breaking barriers, prioritizing their safety is crucial. Transportation to and from the workplace, often overlooked, is gaining attention. Navigating urban areas, especially during non-traditional hours, poses challenges for all, but the stakes are higher for women. Recognizing this, companies are addressing these concerns to provide a transportation environment prioritizing the safety of female employees.

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Leading the Way in Corporate Transportation Safety

Routematic, a pioneer in employee transportation solutions, is at the forefront of addressing the safety concerns of female employees. The company has implemented various measures to ensure the safety and security of women during transit, setting a benchmark for secure corporate transportation.

Key Features for Women’s Safety:

1. Real-Time Monitoring:

Using the Routematic Admin Dashboard, transport personnel can effortlessly monitor employees’ movements in real time, ensuring comprehensive visibility over vehicles and routes. Single women’s trips are highlighted for easy tracking.

2. SOS:

The Routematic Employee App integrates an easily accessible SOS button, allowing employees to quickly raise emergency panic alarms. They can also use the hard panic button in the vehicle or use IVR to raise panic. Admin is notified on the Routematic dashboard and over call to facilitate swift action to assist employees in distress.

3. Safe Drop:

The app-based Safe Drop confirmation feature enables female employees to confirm their secure arrival at destinations, providing instant notifications to the transport team. If confirmation is not received, automated calls are made through the IVR. If unanswered, the employee is highlighted in the admin console for immediate action.

4. Marshal:

The Routematic dashboard prominently displays rides requiring a designated Marshal, specifically designed for women passengers traveling during dark hours. This feature offers peace of mind, ensuring active security management.

5. Safety Alerts:

Admin receives instantaneous notifications and alerts, enabling swift responses to safety-related incidents or concerns within the fleet, such as over speeding, unprecedented halts, or geo-fence violations.

6. Driver Training and Background Checks:

Routematic only allows compliant drivers to operate and maintains a global record of blacklisted drivers.

In the dynamic landscape of corporate transportation, Routematic stands as a beacon of safety, exemplifying its commitment to fostering an environment where women can thrive securely. As women continue to ascend professionally, companies like Routematic recognize that true empowerment goes hand in hand with safety and security.

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